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Originally Posted by FlyByNite
Interesting, I'll keep watching this. I always liked medical dramas, although it seems like the Doctor won't be one for long. But the drama aspect intrigues me.

One thing, I think the director is just doing things to increase his position/fame, but wouldn't more people be saved if funding to the hospital is increased? I know it's crappy to say 'let the little boy be operated on by an idiot doctor' but how many other little kids will now die because of not having a state of the art piece of equipment in the hospital from extra funding?

Just food for thought. The medical industry is a crappy place where things like that are common place.
i don't think that the case is about funding it's more about greed than anything else.

by the way did anyone watch the anime-keep sub if anyone did i would like to know if they got the medical terminology right
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