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Originally Posted by whatever123
i don't think that the case is about funding it's more about greed than anything else.

by the way did anyone watch the anime-keep sub if anyone did i would like to know if they got the medical terminology right
I agree with the sheer greed interpretation. As a starting TV show(and of course an accomplished visual novel), "Monster" has little leeway at present time to mess with the "grey area" in regards to secondary characters like the hospital director.

I've never read the manga, but the premise of this show seems to rest on Dr. Tenma and his decisions and thier consequences, which require our serious examination. If there are altruistic motives in the director's part, as versus what we've seen in a greedy old hospital chief, the water becomes effectively muddied. Dr. Tenma's decisions, whether based on guilt, altruism, or resentment, or all of the above, are made clear and justified because of the sheer greed of the director displayed to him, and to us, the audience. And in a good drama, or performance art in general, Objective, Motivation, and Justifications are everything.
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