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Originally Posted by dreamless
Yup, I'd bet the director is definitely not thinking about saving more people when he talks about the extra funding. Also Dr. Tenma "betrayed" the director not just because he wanted to do the "right thing", it was also because
Spoiler for episode 1:
. So Dr. Tenma is not really the stereotypical anime "good guy'. well, I'm now really waiting for the "surprise" in the 2nd episode.
actually i haven't seen the episode yet but
Spoiler for manga:

please anyone who watched anime-keep episode did they get the medical translation right i am sorry for being such a whinning idiot but as i have xplained before the terminology is one of the main reason i liked this manga as it gave it a very realistic look and it became one of the best manga i have ever read so i really want to download the best of the best sub for it
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