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Their are power armors present in this case and they even brought their slaughter helicopter six wings.

In her shouting Yomikawa ended up retching blood out from her mouth once more. This time she finally succeeded in breaking out of Saigou’s grasp. But when she turned to look at her surroundings she discovered there are large numbers of fully-armed Anti-Skill members, power armours and armoured vehicles setting up their positions. It’s a scenario that’s almost like it came straight out of a nightmare. An intense feeling of this is unreal assaulted Yomikawa, who have some understanding about Accelerator’s past. When

Accelerator was younger, he was surrounded like this, lost all hope in life, and after surrendering he was thrown into dark research labs.
Yomikawa wants to struggle, but she doesn’t have the strength. Now, from above came the *pada pada pada* sounds that stirs the air. She looked up, and black helicopters are flying in the sky above her. Those are the newest ‘Six Wings’
Six wings aren't your average helicopter. It's mostly used for slaughtering purposes.
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