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Another question:

Apparently, it was V2 who sent Zero, Suzaku and the others on the Kamine island in episode 19, season 1, to "observe" them.

My first question is, what was the point of this? What does he gain by that? And how did he do it? Magic?

My second question is, in light of this, it seems V2, Charles and the others knew Zero's identity. Charles also says after the massacre of the Japanese "Yes, you are worthy of being called my child/son [depends on the translation] now." and this presumably refers to Lelouch. So why did they not just go after Lelouch to track down and grab C2, which was their primary objective the entire time?

Can I get a link to the interview where the author talks about how he had different plans for R2?
Its probably because the Emperor didn't want anybody to know about his real plans and the real reasons for the war that's all. Considering that Clovis believed that if his father learned of CC he'd be in trouble that makes me believe that if the emperor took interest in a certain thing surely schniezel would have realized everything
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