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Originally Posted by Nork22 View Post
But, but, Umi never had a centre song as well.
I know that was a tragedy, but if they did another PV, Umi or Rin would have gotten it. Rin blew up in S2 and Umi is long overdue for Center. Nozomi at least got it for Dancing Stars, but Hanayo is still left out.

Originally Posted by novalysis View Post
I'm very surprised that Chika Riko is neck to neck with Yohane Riko, but I assume it's because of the sheer popularity of Guilty Kiss as a Sub-unit. I won't be surprised when the next sub-unit albums come up, and Guilty Kiss still tops the album sales - which is fascinating, because You is part of CYaRon instead. But still, why is Yohane-Riko about to over-take Chika-Riko? There hasn't been much meaningful Yohane-Riko character interactions in the anime yet.... I actually wonder how the fandom characterizes the Yohane-Riko ship, since my impression is that Guilty Kiss Yohane-Riko interactions often involve Yohane trolling Riko hard, and trying to stuff Riko into embarrassing costumes and situations.
The Yoshiriko thing started with Riko's Official Aqours Day Off Schedule. I think it's in the LL wiki. She always seems to hang out with "Yocchan". That's her exclusive nickname for Yohane. This will probably be addressed in S2. They're fellow members of Guilty Kiss and I want see their dynamic since we all know how in sync and dangerously compatible Yohane and Mari are together.
I mean, did you hear their cackles when they cook? One laughs like a Demon Queen while the other sounds like The Wicked Witch. lol

That and their seiyuus are super tight and hang out all the time. By fandom's standards, they are practically married. lol
Aikyan (Yohane) sang Happy Birthday to Rikako using her GK voice and then gave her a ring. Sakura colored.
Lastly, the fanart for them is amazing. They have some of the best artist drawing them too.

This drawing came out before the anime aired. Early foreshadowing of-chin-in-hand and after Guilty Kiss CD release.

Youchika has the childhood friends thing going for them. That's hard to beat in polls.
I feel bad for Dia. Ever since the "hug", people have jumped ship. It's hard not to.

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