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Midori no Hibi [Anime Discussion]

damn i knew something was off the minute they started deviating from the manga 13 episodes is not doing this series justice i mean i was looking forward to this as a comedy/romance sort of deal but they just started cranking out the filler and killed this. I mean takamizawa got more screen time than anyone they never showed Nao or her father which was my main reason for watching this, but they didnt bother instead we got stupid dream episodes about roles were switched and takamizawa finding some marin chan look alike. Kouta got raped he seems added towards the end as an after thought hopefully whatever company picks this up [im putting my money on gayneon] sees some potential and produced a second season like ai yori aoshi . they could have easily come up with 26 episodes. At least the manga was good and if ever licensed will buy those and pass on this. Anyway the end wrapped this interpretation of the manga rather fast it was a nice episode I wonder how they will handle the ayase/ midori/ seiji triangle now.
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