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Originally Posted by Lunarskylar View Post
yes, but at the same time i was under the implications that the reason they needed 2nd origin is because all the fighters of the current era had unlocked it themselves over the past 7 years. in fact it was implied that erza had already unlocked hers (which is why she wasn't in any pain after ultear unlocked hers), so everyone on the erza s-class level should have 2nd origin

so naturally, the top 5 of sabertooth should have unlocked their 2nd origins too, it would be weird for them to be at the top without it I don't know what you read, but 2nd origin has only recently been discovered. NOBODY other then the FT people who got upgraded by Ultear have 2nd origin. Natsu, Erza, Wendy, Lucy and Gray (maybe Jellal) are the ONLY people in the tournament that have 2nd origin.
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