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...I know who you are, but what's Book saying about you?

Oh it was actually just something that popped in my head At first I was just going to say something like "Hey Beanbrew, Discreet, you guys make a nice tagteam" but then my mind wandered off and I felt like combining the names, so you know Discreet Beanbrew.. but that sounded like some secret drug, then I remembered your official name "Beanbag" and the thought of some beanbag being discreet made me lol hard with the stick legs and arms, and yeah Don't worry about it, it's just my silly imagination.

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Anyway, here's my take on Ryo vs Yuu. Reveals some feelings for both Nagato and Haruki.

Spoiler for Ryo v.s. Yuu EPIC:

>:U I still prefer it if Yuuki face on Kyonko chest yo.......but it made me lol with the H scene comment, and the whole Yuuki teasing her.

In fact I lol'd to hard and my little brother was staring at me.

Edit: Un1234l: I AGREE! It's too much of a hassle going back many pages to save images, and such, I think it'd be awesome if we had an image thread, a thread for discussing characters, a thread for just the writing and editting [and handing out cookies] etc.
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