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Asahina Mitsuru's Adventure Episode 00

Hello all,

I only found out about this project yesterday, and I've spent the last two days reading through this entire thread and all the image threads I can find. And since the power of Kyonko's ponytail demands my unwavering servitude, I decided I'd chip in with Haruki's shota fanservice film. I'm part way through it now, but there are some questions that would be nice to have answered before I finish.
  • I have yet to see a firm decision from the community about just what Kyonko's feelings are for Mitsuru. Are we going with motherly-sisterly, or younger girl/sempai male, or even something else? It will make a noticeable difference. I have decided to go with motherly-sisterly until I hear otherwise.
  • The grocer's name: Morimuri Kiyosumi, and the stationary store owner's name: Suzuki Yuusuke. I defer to those with better judgment of Japanese names on how to feminize these names.
  • Would passers-by that know him refer to him as Mitsuru-kun or -chan? (is -chan too cute for a teenage guy?) (in a chippendale's outfit?)
  • I have decided to go with the chippendale's outfit for Mitsuru for now. I am not overly attached to this outfit (even though I think it is the proper gender swap for a bunny girl outfit), so if we decide later to switch the outfit, I won't mind making changes.
  • Should I make a small alteration to the rule of "All characters will be genderswapped" in order to still have women shopping for food? Of course, now there might actually be a draw with a shota chippendale advertising food . Again, I have no problem switching this.

And I can hardly wait to write Kyonko threatening to break the fourth wall of the film to scratch off Itsuko's face for getting too close to a sleeping Mitsuru
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