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Quarter Life Crisis?

When I moved to a different city, I wanted to cling on to my old life to an extent, but, I was also excited about going to a new place. Same thing for school, I knew I'd miss my friends and the school setting, but going to college was extremely exciting.. now, graduating from college.. I dont really know how much I have to look forward to. No more late nights, no more stupidity.. Even in the event I get a great high paying job, good house etc etc, will I actually enjoy any of it? Or will it just be a struggle everyday, and going home just a way to get out of work? Basically, is the best time of my life over? What do I really have to look forward to now?

...Is what I've found what a lot of people think ( or something along the same lines). I myself am a little frightened by the uncertainty - This uncertainty is different, not like when I was going to college, when it was filled with excitement. Whats more, we ourselves are aging, and we might not have the same kind of energy we used to. When is the next time I'll be able to travel again? Will I be able to at all for a while?.. are questions that are coming up more often than id like. I dont know, I guess because working people now days have such hectic work lives, going and working just doesnt seem appealing at all.

Dont get me wrong, it isnt the end of the world, we all have to suck it up and do it at some point or the other. It's just that, things shouldnt look so bleak should they? There are plenty of things to do, things to fulfill right? I'm sure there are, even if things seem bad right now.

This forum is filled with people of a wide range of ages, kids in high school, college, and everyday working people - What are your insights about this, and what were your experiences?
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