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How should I say this.. its no more a question of getting out of college with high hopes and finding out real life isnt all fun and games. Its getting out of college thinking that life afterwards has NO fun and games.. when it probably isnt the case.. It isnt because of the recession ; thats a recent thing, though I guess it might have something to do with it. Going into a job market with bright prospects does seem.. kind of exciting atleast, but certainly less than going to college for example.

Bah, this isnt even a very big problem - its not depression or fear, more like uncertainty. in that way, its not really a 'crisis'. I thought it would be an interesting idea to bring it up at asuki, since a lot of people I know feel similarily.

well then again, I'm saying that before graduating, I can imagine plenty of people in their twenties or thirties whose lives just didnt work out the way they wanted.

I think, just like with a lot of problems of similar nature - I (we) might just need a simple 'things will be fine' or 'dont worry so much, there IS life after college'. well, what I would like to hear ( and do hear to an extent ) is that its ok, it might not be better, but its different, and its more than just grind and frustration. I guess when you see the way a lot of young guy work, you do kind of get a picture of working life being completely work. At any rate, I feel better writing this. graduating in a week -a bit of curiousity has replaced some of the fear
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