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Episode 358 can be considered retarded. Seriously I mean seriously, ichigo is about to have a mental break down simply because the people associated with him are being manipulated by tsuki.

You would think after all the training, all the hardship, all the experience ichigo's has gained that something like this would be easy to deal with. I mean he litterally is freaking out when he should be focused on dealing with tsuki. Hes taking the situation to hard if that makes sense. And as a viewer its highly annoying.

The only real problem i can see is tsuki using ichi's friends and family as a shield. Seeing this situation ichigo needs to group up with the people unaffected by tsuki's manipulation and come up with a plan. Ichi's friends and family should not be in any immediate danger as they are a part of tsuki's plan obviously.

Simply put, this episode was highly annoying to me.
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