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I have some good news!

There's this Japanese blog site (shown here) that keeps track of various anime and manga, including Fairy Tail. And the blogger was invited to attend a special "talk event" where she (I'm certain it's a girl) got to ask a few questions of her choosing. One of them was whether or not the anime would continue after April. And, lo and behold, it will!

However, because my knowledge of Japanese is very limited, that's all I can make out for certain. There is an excerpt from the blog which I believe confirms the existence of an original filler arc that will have some input from Hiro Mashima, but I don't know if that's speculation or fact. Another thing I noticed was that apparently the anime will include new scenarios for two already-existing characters: one will be for the Earthland counterpart of Coco, the assistant chief of staff in Edolas, and another for Kinana, a Fairy Tail employee who was originally transformed as Cobra's pet snake.

In case I misread something, here is the excerpt:

4月以降はアニメオリジナル編になるそうで、製作には真島先生がガッツリ関わっておられるとのこ と。
原作で出来なかったことを詰め込むらしく、笑いあり・バトルあり・涙あり・・・の話になるんだ とか。
また、7年後の世界での原作では触れられていないキャラについて描かれるらしく、その他にも凄い色物が出て きたり、多数の新キャラが出てくるようだ。

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