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Originally Posted by Quarkboy View Post
I don't understand Ultear's fighting style anyway...

She can manipulate the time of objects, so she uses it to fling crystal balls around?!

That doesn't seem like a particularly effective use of her powers. Why doesn't she turn the time of the earth backwards so that the ground turns to lava?
Why doesn't she turn the time of her opponents clothes forward so they disintegrate? (mainly if she was fighting lucy ).
What about carrying around some kind of small very slightly radioactive pellets that she can accelerate the time of and cause a chain-reaction critical mini-nuclear explosion at will?!

See, that's how you use time ark, damn it.
Either way, she totally outclassed him. He sucker-punched her to start with and he surprised her with the blood-infused ice, but otherwise he didn't stand a chance. Gray beat her because she lost the will to fight.
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