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One of the major metaphors in play with the yoma is that they (like most murderous creatures in anime) tend to derive their worst qualities from humans. They're gruesome parodies of negative human emotions. So to say that Raki is meant to represent the human part of the story, then you have to take into account the human as monsters part of the equation. We never find out where yoma come from, so one possible origin is from people( e.g. a wendigo)

Furthur into this theme is of course a popular quote for human evil:
If you stare into the Abyss long enough the Abyss stares back at you.
- Friedrich Nietzsche

The most powerful awakened ones are called the Abyssal Ones, or Dwellers of the Abyss(that's the translation I prefer anyways), which sort of leads into the Raki situation I think. What does a normal human do when he's surrounded by monsters? He fights, and as he fights, gains power and starts to develop the savage qualities we define as monstrous. I'm guessing that when Isley offers him the power of a Claymore, he's going to take it without a second thought since he will be able to help and protect Claire.

So basically the whiny wimpy Raki is going to evolve into a kick ass Claymore in order to protect Claire. Raki as he first appears is basically the helpless bystandard, which is my least favorite anime stock character since they involve alot of pointless screaming. But! if Raki does end up in the kick ass battle partner category, I'm willing to stomach the first one in order to get at the second.

Anyways, I stop there since this is getting kinda long...
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