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Well without Raki, we know that Clare would have never met up with Miria, Deneve, and Helen. And without her, Miria, Deneve, and Helen would have died against that male awakened being. Plus, without Raki, should have never survived her fight with Ophelia, hence never meeting up with Irene.

Now lets assume that Clare does become very strong on her own. Either way, she would have been sent to North to fight awakened beings and without Miria, Jeane, Deneve, and Helen, her chance of survival are extremely slim.

The point is, Clare has a much less chance of survival, and even much lesser chance of killing Pricillia, without Raki.

And if she were to awaken, then she would have a completely different mind set, and she would be more likely to become Priscilla's ally then her enemy.
Clare would not have been killed by Ophelia because she would have never partly awoken in the one arc with the Voracious Eater.

If Clare became strong on her own she would not have been sent North because before Raki it seems Clare was a poster child of what the Organization wanted. The Claymore sent North had problems so they were sent North, and if Clare never had Raki she would never do anything really stupid and she would be sent on regular missions which would not push her to the point where she needs to awaken.

If Clare became allies with Priscilla and shared the same relationship with her as Raki is now sharing with Priscilla, who is to say that is a bad thing.

Yes, I know what I said above just totally ruins the entire reason why Clare is fighting, but a man can dream.
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