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@bluejazz87 - I saw your pictures of Japan in the photo thread, and your description here really shows how much fun you had. I'm envious. ^^ You always hear some interesting stories about foreign trips and how things didn't go quite as expected, but it sounds like yours went pretty much according to plan.
Well I guess it depends what kind of person you are when you travel. There are always going to be little thing that might get kind of annoying when you journey. I'm not the kind of "diva" type of person that has to have everything perfectly work out in a luxurious type of way. I don't mind roughing it. So there were times when I had to ask for directions, got lost, or the weather wasn't too great, but it wasn't really that big of a deal. The opportunity of actually being in Tokyo, even if it was during monsoon season, was just great.

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