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Originally Posted by M.I.P. View Post
James Shiba managed to survive fighting Saiga when he put his guard down that shows me that he's not one of those fodder master levels but the real deal. Takeda's training has been shown as remarkably similar to Kenichi's and going by how he's fairing in the underground I'd say his strength is certainly great.
I certainly agree it's great but not great enogh to beat Kenichi. Altough he's been trained by a great master and has talent, against Kenichi's combos he's at a bit of a disadvantage.... and i think he's less dangerous against Kenichi using the adv. Seikuken because there are no kicks involved. Even though his arms are extremely well developed(meaning it's definitely not going to be that easy) I still think it's less dangerous if it's only arms.

Pertainng to the fight predictions, I think he will initially have the advantage over Kenichi, due to his "friends-don't-fight" philosophy . Then when he gets serious, it'll be a real fight going on. Since he's the lead, I have Kenichi for the win, but both will take valuabl experience from the fight.

(P.S. I forecast funny exchanges between Renka and Takeda )
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