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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
But this isn't the Moeka that killed Mayuri. Holding a crime against her that she has yet to commit (and perhaps never would in this timeline) just doesn't sit well with me.
Well Moeka has already wronged Okabe by stealing the IBN 5100 and also selling out information of them to SERN, which will inevitably end in Mayuri's death (He confirmed her life will end in that time line).

If Moeka was the sort that would quietly hand over the information, Okabe's actions wouldn't be necessary.

Now there are some interesting analogies that can be made here to the situation. If you were in some sort of intelligence agency (CIA for example) and you got hold of information that a terrorist attack was probably going to take place, you wouldn't take measures to prevent it even if it meant hurting the terrorists? In this case, Okabe not only has this information but has official confirmation that Mayuri will die in this time line because of Moeka and SERN.

Now I'm not saying Okabe's actions are pretty by any means, but I find it odd that people are losing respect for him as a person over this. I say this because it's just the opposite for me. He's displaying an awesome level of devotion and commitment to his mission to save Mayuri. He's doing what needs to be done.
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