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Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post

Now I'm not saying Okabe's actions are pretty by any means, but I find it odd that people are losing respect for him as a person over this.
Oh, I'm not losing respect for him by any means. Like I said, I have to respect a person who is truly this dedicated to his dearest friend, and will simply not stop to try to save her or him.

Also, Okabe's situation is an unique one, in that with each step he takes, there's no turning back. Stopping now would actually mean that Feyris' father died in vain, for example. So Okabe really has no choice but to keep pressing onward, and that's interesting, because there's not too many narratives that can convincingly setup a situation like that, but Steins;Gate has.

A couple separate points I wanted to mention here:

1. I love the irony in how Okabe's mission to save Mayuri is causing him to grow closer to Kurisu. What an intriguing love triangle this may turn out to be.

2. Though Kurisu is much more than just a tsundere, it's interesting to see a narrative setup that kind of justifies the tsundere going back-and-forth between tsuntsun and deredere. That's because all of these time-leaps are having the effect of continually undoing the relationship development that made Kurisu "deredere" towards Okabe in the first place, so it only makes sense that she'd be back to a more "tsuntsun" disposition towards him.

With this in mind, Kurisu may be one of the most unique tsunderes of all time, blending both the classical "starts tsuntsun before becoming deredere" tsundere with the more recent "flips back and forth randomly between both".
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