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By technicality, a zig-zag... She is still her "genki" and slightly a$$hole attitudes towards others and their IS, but she feels that it's her fault for jumping starting a world for IS to run rampant if they wanted to.

@To solve Treme. I thought that the original White Knight had their some type of tactical camouflage to make it invisible?
This is Commander Rosh from the frontlines...

"Those that lay their eyes on a member of STARIS...Shall be silenced."
-Special Tactics Against Rogue Infinite Stratos (STARIS) Credos
Infinite Stratos: Spirit of a Soldier

"I will keep fighting, because that's the only thing that makes me feel... That is my reality."
- The Cobalt Mercenary
Objective Reality: A Sword Art Online Fanfiction
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