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Originally Posted by Mr_Paper
Renewal is Platinum. Well... almost.

The Japanese release, dubbed Renewal, featured the same remastered video and 5.1 audio that you'll find on the Platinum release. In addition to this, both Renewal and Platinum have incorporated the Director's Cut footage into the normal feature. The only notable difference between the two is that the Japanese release, Renewal, not only has the remastered TV series but also the movies while Platinum is only the TV series due to conflicting license rights over the movies.

If one were to get the Renewal box (it was a limited release and is sold out), there would be no need to ever buy another EVA release... Except the ADV release if you need the subtitles. ^^
And practically it was a steal for only 40,000 yen for the entire set, which includes a kick-ass case, a DVD book that looks like the monolith, many extras including AR scripts and pre-production version of the animation, commercial footages, etc. etc.

I really contemplated whether or not to buy it since I already own the LaserDisc sets, but I am now glad that I did. Now that is a limited edition item that I don't regret buying.
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