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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
It's weird to be looking for that in a short promo video that's for sure.

I mean all it comes down to is a couple of short scenes flashes, I don't know how different you want those to feel.
A picture can be worth a thousand words. But I never said I wanted something incredibly zomgz drastic. But like I said, I just don't want to view redundancy. (Like say, my reaction to more Haganai)

Though this has more to do with my personal character preferences and what gets actually shown. Never said I was fair.

Granted this isn't exactly a series that can capture you with crazy action scenes. But I'm not a very fair person.

Somehow, I doubt the purpose of the pv is to wow anyone with anything drastic, leave that for a proper full trailer.
Which is why my quip towards the pv is just exactly what it is. But this is sort of a discussion about truisms and self defining things. No point in making it anymore then it's really worth. Thoughts about a minor pv are as minor as the pv itself.

Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
Well, yeah, particularly with the scenes chosen, it's just "Hey, you know that show you remember from a few years back? It's coming back with a sequel in April."...and that's about it.
Well, it did trigger all those mixed feelings I had through reminding me. In that sense it worked!

Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
Well, I do think there was progress in the story in the first season, but I don't expect things to be radically different from where it left off at the start of the second either. For example, I don't expect that people who hated Kirino are going to suddenly find her completely loveable. (They'll probably never find her loveable.) She's a pretty volatile, emotional character, so I don't expect any "progress" to be either quick or easy.
You're probably right about that. But we did see Kirino make some gains near the very end (in either end, really, but the OVAs probably did a better job) and even someone as biased as me can see it. But, IMO, it seems to be a step forward, step backwards thing. That in itself is fine too, people are people and we don't continuously improve-- we have to keep trying and try even more. I just hope its not like one of those comedies where say the female lead abuses the male lead as a gag due to them not liking each other, their relationship improves, but then the show keeps falling back on that gag for comedy.
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