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Fan service during action scenes are no problem for me nor do I see it a problem or a distraction. I do believe my mind is smart enough to catch a glimpse of the fan service which I can enjoy whilst staying focused on the actual action.

A lot of the times, action scenes are built up, and if not built up, then at least performed well enough to entertain. I'm not going to let a panty shot or some exposed cleavage tear my focus away from what I've been concentrating on this whole time, the characters interacting and plot heating up/reaching it's end. Sure i'll take a gleam at it and probably mention it in my comment about the episode but it's not like that's going to affect my opinion on the action itself =/

If we're talking about fan service that has more screen time than the actual action, then sure, it would kill the mood a lot. If we're talking about 5 minutes of action, then 2 seconds of a panty shot, followed by another 3 minutes of action, then I think people can at least tolerate that since it's the animators way of giving the people who do like fan service something instead of nothing at all.

Just my opinion though
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