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If Strike Witches did not have fanservice in its action scenes, would that bother you? Seriously?
It'd cease being Strike Witches. You can't change the composition of the dish and assume it won't impact the flavour. You're just asserting that it'd taste better that way. Who knows... I think it was just fine the way it was. I'm supposing most of the people who enjoyed the show felt the same way. Who is to say that they would have enjoyed it more (or "the same") by performing the split you want?

Originally Posted by Write View Post
Now if you can logically apply that to the discussion at hand, we'll be going somewhere.
Now you can actually watch baseball and eat popcorn at the same time!

(The analogy is a trap either way you do it because you've made the two mutually exclusive, just like the "porn" vs. "not porn" false-dichotomy that was contested in the first place. )
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