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Originally Posted by Write View Post
If you want ass shots and panties then your time will be better served in a show, or better yet genre, that caters to those particular interests.
I'll shift this to another one of my "eccentricities" to show that mixing genres and elements can be a good thing. And I'll try my best to make an analogy that doesn't come off as painfully awkward.

If I wanted to see a tokusatsu show, why not just watch one? There are plenty out there. And I do. But when a show uses tokusatsu elements (Nyarko takes the gold star in this category), comedically or not, it gives the series some additional meaning to me because it puts together two things I enjoy. Maybe the toku element isn't completely emphasized (like me having to deal with a romance plot that may attract other people, but isn't my primary attraction), but because it's there, it grabs my attention and makes the show something only it can be.

This works for fanservice too. It can be in small amounts or large amounts, but it's a surprisingly flexible element that can be blended with a lot of things, and not just comedies.
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