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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
Anime fanservice tends to be lighthearted and kind of whimsical in nature. That clashes with scenes that have a more serious mood, imo.
Okay then, third scale for seriousness, "serious" vs "not important."

Most of the fanservice fighting scenes in Vivdred so far imho are
-Serious as in not "not important."

While the situations are very important for the characters, the anime doesn't present them as "serious" (as in not fluffy).

I don't. I think that it typical detracts considerably from the technical and cinematography merits of the fight. It takes away from what makes a good, serious fight good to me.
So learn to ignore it, or watch one of the shows that doesn't go for this blend.

Maybe if the story becomes epic good and you really want that part of it, I would see why you want it to be different so much, but as of now, we are 1 ep in, it's not too late to jump ship if you don't like what you see. I generally wait until ep3, but if I don't like the way a series is going, I'm not going to watch it, simple.

I don't need ass shots to find something interesting.
more interesting.

I think the context of the scenes and the series lends itself to fanservice including in fight scenes. I don't see the need for a break from fanservice just because they are fighting.

In some conversation scenes I might, but in a more lighthearted shows, the conversation scenes are usually lighthearted. So fanservice doesn't necessarily seem out of place to me in them.
I don't think we are far enough into the series to place this show on the "serious" vs "not important" scale yet. So far most of the stuff has been on the "serious" side of that.

It often takes away from the technical and cinematography merits of a fight, imo.
Are there not technical and cinematographic merits of the perfect fanservice shots?

No, not just me. I'm not the only one who feels the way I do about fanservice in action scenes.
Of course. I meant for "you and people who think like you." I know they exist, and in pretty good numbers as well, and there are series that are made with you in mind. This series doesn't happen to be one of them.

The fanservice in LB! is nothing like having most of your screen taken up with a close-up ass shot. Really now...
If I wanted to not get distracted by a fullscreen ass shot, I wouldn't be.

Back to the Hawaii shirt analogy. LB!'s fanservice is like a person in a Hawaii shirt walking past you. Vividred is like the person standing in line in front of you is wearing a Hawaii shirt. It's even more noticeable, but I'm still not distracted.

Sure, but if what you notice is in your direct range of focus, and obscuring you from what you want to watch and focus on, then of course it's distracting.
You don't just have a fanservice problem then, you just don't like how they chose to do their fight scene (which I'll admit has a lot to do with their stance on fanservice in them). You could replace the ass with the back of a rocket motor or something and it wouldn't matter.

I never said that fanservice is wrong. I was just saying that the term "guilty pleasure" isn't entirely without validity.
I don't think it's valid for anime though. Saying that I should feel bad enjoying fanservice is persecuting thoughtcrime. It doesn't hurt anyone, including me.

Let me ask you a question. If Strike Witches did not have fanservice in its action scenes, would that bother you? Seriously?
I wouldn't be bothered by it watching, I might think about it and find it funny afterwards considering how it fits in with the rest of the series. I can ignore lack of fanservice where fanservice would be appropriate just as well as I can ignore fanservice where fanservice isn't.
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