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Estelle Bright (Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki) — 2pts / 1 vote (1%)
Poor Estelle, haha. My job here's done, though. As long as she's mentioned in the records as possible contender for best female of the year, that's enough. Never really expected her to get more votes anyhow, given how the OVA for Kiseki is basically... stuff for those who played the games and know the plot.

Anyhow, I'm actually okay with a bunch of categories, even though Fate/Zero topping again feels kinda weird. I don't necessarily agree w/ the Visuals/Animation, because there's a severe lack of FMA: Milos there. It's a movie, so it might be unfair, but to me it was the most impressive 2012 work in terms of animation, no doubt. Fantastic job from everyone who worked on it, and I'm really excited to check out Galgantia next season to see Murata's work on a TV-series. K-ON! movie was also "KyoAni, but a bit better", so I kinda feel it should have been over there instead of Chuu2, buuuut yeah. Still, the top 4 are definitely good series, and I do think the people around here have some really valid choices, so I'm happy either way.

The other category where I'm kinda sad that one of the shows didn't get through was the romance one, haha. I really, really enjoyed Hotarubi no Mori e and despite being such a short ride, I really felt as it was one of the best directed love stories I've seen as of late. I suppose it wasn't very popular and a lot of people skipped it, so hopefully even those few noms will get SOME people interested in it!

Lastly, shame for no SAO on the action category. I understand the plot of the show is all wonky and far from being particularly great, but it packed a lot of really nice looking action from some very talented people. F/Z... wasn't very action-y, and yet ranked top. Not a choice I'd do, that's for sure, but what do you know, the community has spoken!

And... yeah, I guess that's all for my comments, lol. Once again, thanks to the people organizing it. It's a cool thing to look forward to every year and then compare a bit of other people's taste with mine. And it even helps raising awareness to some shows!
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