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Originally Posted by Tempest35 View Post
She rarely pulls out more than 3 of her normal armors before she whips out one that can usually take care of the job in a short amount of time. Heaven's Wheel, Black Wing, and Flight armors are the ones that she uitilizes the most in pinpointing her enemy's weaknesses. It just so happens that she was in the 'All-or-Nothing Hakama' but that isn't going to cut it against Minerva.
You bring up a good point. And there was actually whinging awhile back because some people felt Erza was winning every fight with her pants-and-breast-binding "armor." Now, she pulls out a different armor to win the fight, and people are still whinging about it.

As I said before, you can't please everyone. But you can please most, and judging by this forum, there are only 1 or 2 people who don't like it. The majority are fine with it. So I guess Mashima has proven why FT is so popular, because he is making something that most like. Glad he isn't listening to the incredibly small minority.
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