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Ugh, did kitten really compare us in a round-about way to the Twilight-ers...? ... And it's usually not a majority, it's just a very vocal minority that stirs up stuff like Twilight with endless hype. Not even gonna go to the whole 'Bronie' thing either...

Going back to it, Mashima can only do so much within the couple of pages he has to do per week. No all the scenes he wants to put in can fit. That's where the anime comes in, to fill in gaps where needed but we know where that's heading... There are some things that have to be left to the readers to figure out or to just draw their own conclusions. At the very least, he's not as 'fly-by-seat-of-pants' like Kubo is ... thank goodness for small miracles.

It's just a different perspective on something - I can go through and make my own 'improvements' onto Fairy Tail but I know others won't like it, saying stuff like, 'oh that's just shounen logic copout to explaining what really happened,' when all I'm doing is just letting the readers form their own ideas. It's boring and tedious to tell something to a person in exact detail (well to me it is), I'd rather let you form your own ideas, even if they are 'wrong' with what I had initially thought. Sure, Mashima could have done some things better, but that's only from our perspective. There's nothing saying that Mashima thinks that his every chapter is the greatest thing he's ever drawn or story lines were resloved perfectly. It's hard to both write and draw your own story, especially large ones - can get lost very easily. Hell, even when I brainstorm for more than 15 minutes, I get lost...

Spoiler for Just a sample:
"Focus entirely on me, you ordinary soldier."

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