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I played Tsukihime and watched kara no kyo kai but I'm still not sure but isn't the mystic eyes of death perception acquired by viewing death?

Then isn't Touma who always view it can acquire it?

I'm still thinking because Touma already died "twice"

I'm still thinking about the fic but for most of the time when reading other light novel and fan fic. I'm starting to lost interest on campione cross over but still the concept of beating gods and usurping their power is interesting but I don't like stupid power ups so I'm still sticking to 3 main abilities. mystic eyes, ib and precognition.

having knowledge on chemistry and physics would surely help Touma but he really doesn't need magic.

Potion making will help in connecting it to chemistry. brewing exploding and incinerating chemicals or smoke screens chemical reactions.

The magic history needs to be taken care of because its useless. A useful professor that could actually help in learning because there is no way for Touma to do charms, transfiguration or curses. dead last but deadly.
other than because it's not nasuverse it's because of the brain. Mystic eyes of death perception is more than just seeing death, it has to be comprehended as well. When they see the lines they see the absolute truth of the future, "the end", so to speak. Generally people who get mystic eyes are people who have a form of mystic eyes already like Shiki Tohno and his pure eyes. Ryougi Shiki bypasses brain compatibility with the eyes of death perception due to her origin being the void which is the beginning and the end, linking her to the absolute truth.

Touma must have both the eyes and the brain required to see and perceive death. Perceive death as a tangible object and not just an event or phenomenon.

Seeing death is considered an impossibility of the highest order. Or more like the human brain wasn't meant to see death. That's why Tohno is dying from brain stress that his eyes are putting on him from processing the vision of death. Ryougi bypasses all this again because she is connected to the truth.

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