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from what I remember mystic eyes of death perception is indeed a high breed between pure eyes and mystic eyes and Shiki is going insane because of it but I'm not sure on Ryougi because I didn't get to finish kara no kyou kai. I stop at the part where its about the cousin of mikihisa. the girl in the convent? or some kind of school.

So dying won't be enough to develop a mystic eyes of death but.... I can't think of another way to see through the end though I can probably develop the precognition into different level. Into a level of mystic eyes. But precog itself is an insane ability already. To feel the distortion of your surrounding which helps Touma to react before the attack was launch. Because he can feel the surrounding is changing. Like an enemy is start gathering energy or there is a condensation of energy in a spot. With it, he can react earlier so even if he is slower. He can still evade or dodge the attack.

And IB forms the strongest shield against super natural things but it won't help as an attack. Specially if you change the setting of the world where the super natural beings aren't actually super natural. I can't just kill the dragon, cerberus, troll, or basilisk on the spot because they are super natural beings. In HP verse they are natural but highly magical but still natural beings and not pure magic.

those beings can't be erased or negated on the spot so Touma need an ability that helps him for attacking.
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