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When'd this thread get so hostile?
Think it's time for a real change of topic, therefore, I'll throw this into the fray:


Think about it.
Diclonious = Mutant... possible connection?
Come on, don't we all want to see Nana in costume?!

Okay, on to a truly serious topic:


Really, am I the only one who thinks Lucy's death (IF it happened) would change anything? Her birth was an anomaly, what's to say it couldn't happen again? Or that she was the only "Queen"?
I'll bet there are a lot more diclonious cases, not just in Japan either. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if things end up like they do in Will Smith's new movie... replacing the vampires with diclonious of course.

(Trying not to think of vampires vs diclonious... attempt failed)
Any other thoughts on post-anime plotlines?
(Ya know, the X-men thing's starting to make a lot more sense... damn fanfiction for poisoning my mind!)
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