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I should correct you on the fact that I didn't insult anyone other than you only, the only one stupid enough to still argue on this equally stupid and pointless debate. The moment you stopped responding to my attacks that are concerned with the scenario, (i.e. the below quote by me)
Spoiler for me from above:

I took that as you agreeing, 'yes I was stupid, going further is pointless'. If you are still unconvinced we can start from here again, not from where you sidetracked off into this post,

, which attempts to invalidate my points without even trying to address my concerns stated above.

I'm more interested in discussing the characters, themes, etc. behind animes and not the plausibility of the anime. It was fun for a while trolling and provoking angry responses but I guess it does get tiring and bit sad watching one come up with some of the most stupid and imaginative speculations.

EDIT: lol at below. Sad way to avoid questions that one can not answer.

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