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Originally Posted by dkellis View Post
Ryou Asakura is attempting to kill Kyonko with a weapon. Personally I don't see why he needs a weapon in the first place, considering his ability to alter reality locally, but the canon has a knife, and apparently the knife is popular enough in fandom to be left into the genderswap.

With this attempted murder, I'm not really seeing a need to switch weapons around such that he's more "manly", or whether the weapon has any bearing on his "manliness". It's attempted murder. "Manliness" should not be a factor in the discussion.
An admitted sidetrack common to fans who Just Don't Get It (can't find the link to TV tropes.)

I was attempting tongue-in-cheek satire. Doesn't really seem to have worked.

To repeat, As a practical and cultural reason, I would go with the knife. Not only is it easier to use in close quaters, Japan has some sort of liking for knives, and frankly, is there any reason to change it from a knife to a supposedly more manly weapon?
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