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Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
Haruhi dragging Kyon through the hallways by the collar could still be used, I don't see that much of a problem with it. Perhaps for more comedic factor it could have standing and struggling.
That'd be too rough on Kyonko. Just grabbing her wrist and pulling her along so much it hurts would do. And then add in your addition below:

Which reminds me, there is also the scene in which Haruhi grabs Kyon's tie when she reqruits him. I figured a comedic shift would be Haruki grabbing Kyonko's shoulders while staring into her eyes, while Kyonko blushingly wonders what the hell he is talking about.
Bunny suits... Haruhi's goal was to atract members, I think Haruki would be smart enough to realize that this would have the oposite effect. I'd say find a masculine equivelant. Perhaps sexy surf outfits?
Like I said, Hard Gay constumes. Even the original Haruhi anime series featured a guy cosplaying as Hard Gay. Remember, the bunny girl concept was popularized by Playboy. Hard Gay is quite entrenched in Japanese popular culture now that I don't really see any problem in terms of direct references, IMHO.

Originally Posted by Bunny girl wikipedia entry
The Bunny suit is also very popular in Japan, where it has lost much of its association with Playboy. In fact, it has become associated with sexiness in general, where they are referred to as bunny girls (or bunnygirls) and have an association with the female human/animal hybrids common in anime and manga known as kemonomimi. Bunnies should not be confused with Playboy Playmates, women who appear in the centerfold pictorials of Playboy magazine, although a few bunnies went on to become Playmates (see below).
As for that scene in volume 2, yes that does lose a lot of its impact. I'll have to think about that one a bit more.
Original Kyon nearly went medieval and smacked Haruhi, but Koizumi came to the rescue.

Please forgive if I even sound slightly sexist (I'm definitely not), though it seems to be more acceptable for a girl to slap a guy in the face then the opposite. So do have Kyonko slap Haruki, and then Itsuki-chan coming up to grab her hand to stop her from slapping Haruki even further, while Haruki looks stunned at this outburst.
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