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Kyon-ko should be short and DFC and Shana-ish. Adds to her charm.

I don't know what everyone's problem with Haruki is.

Ryou should keep the knife.

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Oh, I don't know. I read someone commenting on Kyonko as "aww, tiny little cute sarcastic person", and it stuck with me. If I may be selfish, I'd say that Kyonko being short is part of the charm for me.


Random thoughts:

I had this long list of ways for characters to refer to each other, but I seem to have lost it. So, from what I can remember:

Haruhi to Kyon: "Kyon"
Haruki to Kyonko: "Kyonko" (or "Kyon" or whatever her nickname ends up being)

Kyon to Haruhi: "Suzumiya-san" originally, "Haruhi" after some time
Kyonko to Haruki: The same, I think.

Haruhi to Mikuru: "Mikuru-chan"
Haruki to Mitsuru/Minoru/whatever: I don't know. "Minoru"? "Minoru-kun"? "Asahina"? "Asahina-kun"?

Haruhi to Koizumi: "Koizumi"
Haruki to Koizumi: "Koizumi-san", perhaps. Just "Koizumi" sounds a bit strange.

Haruhi to Yuki: "Yuki"
Haruki to Yuuki: "Yuuki" or "Yuuki-kun"? Or "Nagato-kun"?

Kyon to Yuki: "Nagato-san"
Kyonko to Yuuki: The same, probably.

Kyon to Mikuru: "Asahina-san"
Kyonko to Minoru: Probably the same, or "Asahina-sempai".

Kyon to Koizumi: "Koizumi"
Kyonko to Koizumi: Good question. Will address in a bit.

As far as I can tell, Koizumi, Nagato, and Asahina address everyone around them as "surname-san", except for Kyon. Asahina calls Kyon "Kyon-kun", and I don't remember Koizumi and Nagato ever addressing Kyon by (nick)name at all. If they did, it's probably "Kyon", but I need to check that.

Gender flip that, and it's likely to stay the same, except for Kyonko and Koizumi. From what I can tell, usually when female students address their female friends, it's on a first-name basis, with "-chan" occasionally, or maybe a cutesy nickname. When they're being polite to each other (whether because they don't know each other that well, or it's just their nature), it becomes "surname-san" again. So Tsuruya calls Mikuru "Mikuru-chan", and Mikuru calls Tsuruya "Tsuruya-san".

So, would Female Koizumi call Kyonko "Kyon", or "Kyon-chan"? Would Kyonko call Female Koizumi "Koizumi-san", or by her first name? Or maybe even just "Koizumi", like in the canon?
Haruhi calls Koizumi "Koizumi-kun" in the original. Kyon usually calls Yuki as "Nagato" and "Nagato-san" when feeling extra respecful.

Kyon-ko will probably call Koizumi "Koizumi".

In any case, we need to agree on names here...

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This discussion is really starting to tickle my sociology fetish. It's clearly much more than crazed fans run amok at this point.
You too?

Guys, I plan to write Chapter 1 today, so you'll see my ideas then.
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