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And can you tell us more about this new manga please? In fact, can anyone explain just how many manga sagas are related/parallel to the Code Geass anime. I am sort of confused.
1. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, by Majiko.
This one tries the hardest to stick to the anime. The backbone is that of the anime, but all the mechs and most of the grown-ups were taken away. The whole world is ruled by teenagers who run around trigger-happy with little pistols and dream of taking over the world with only pistols & pathetic speeches. Focused on lovey-dovey in campus.
Its artwork is okay when you look one pic at a time: everyone is round face cutesy-lovely. But the whole thing is horrible: movement is stiff, and storytelling is at doujinshi level. Simply put, this is Code Geass: gradeschool school play version. But since it's on Asuka, a manga magazine for lil girls under 15, so I guess we can't expect too much.

2. Code Geass: Suzaku of the Counterattack, by Atsuro Yomino.
Tried to stick to the anime but gave up in early stage. The big picture is still there, though. No mechs either. "Lancelot" is a power-up superman suit that Suzaku puts on to fight crime. (You can see this suit in anime Ep21.) Only a few anime characters were kept. Cecil & Euphie are taken away and replaced by an original character called Mariel.
Overall story is okay. But the artist sometimes goes bonkers. For example, Lancelot picks up a pebble, throws it at Zero, hits him on the head, and Zero falls off. Ha ha. Very funny. This kind of stupidity should only appear in fanart or 4-coma. I can't believe a professional artist is moronic enough to put it in a supposed-to-be-serious official manga.
This is on BeansA, a manga magazine for girls. The art style is nice, but often criticized because of the yaoi aura all over it. By the way, this is the version that
Spoiler for ending of season 1 in this version:
3. Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally. By Tomomasa Takuma.
Unlike the previous two, this one didn't try to cling to the anime and end up with mud all over his face.
Lelouch is "killed" in first episode. In this grief, Nunnally bond a contract with "Nemo" and got her geass power and her own KMF. Later on, Zero (C.C./Lelouch) also show up as the plot unwinds. This is the version with Nunnally and Batman Zero whipping Britannian KMFs. It's actually my favorite. Lots of dynamic Knightmare action (and very nicely drawn too), unexpected yet acceptable plot twists, and many interesting new characters. This version also brings up the largest amount of mysteries: the "cult" about geass, C.C.'s past, Marianne's last words, and Lelouch's siblings.
This is on CompAce, a male-oriented magazine for mangas based on video games or anime.

4. Official Anthology: Knight/Queen.
A collection of short comedy fan mangas that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual Code Geass story. Knight is focused on boys. Queen is focused on girls. Although the coverarts look erotic/yaoi/yuri, inside it's perfectly safe for all ages.

5. Bakumatsu Ibunroku Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion. Totally unrelated AU story which takes place in Bakumatsu period. Starting next month on Kerokero Ace, a manga magazine for boys under 15.

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