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This may be the best website and thread to ask this...

I'm an Index roleplayer at twitter, same username as i have here and we're currently in a ' battle phase ' where Index's Johanne's Pen Mode was force activated due to-- errm.. let's skip that and move to the rp scene, here's the current status:

Index -- in Johanne's Pen Mode (Awakened, yeah with that crimson red wings), active spells are: Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani, multiple copies of sword of victory, scarlet stone of pexjarva and sulfur rain will scorch the earth.
Misaka Mikoto -- she's down due to excess blood loss and mental stress
Itsuwa -- barely managed keeping herself alive while protecting herself and misaka.
Accelerator -- currently ' Awakened ' , white wings, halo and all, currently the hero of the rp.

So here's the thing, i kinda casted a small subspace(game reference: did some borrowing since index knows all? spells in existence), where everything is black and white, only silhouttes and shapes can be seen, and all sound disappeared.

Q: Can Index still use/cast spells after that?

Thank you.
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