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Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post

but that game rule doesn't apply to index/tamni verse. A magician only chants a spell when they are using a bigger or special spell but most of the time. They can summon or spam you with smaller case spell that doesn't required any chanting. Just the medium used for magic and your own magic energy to use it.

Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Lol no, if you want a sure way to stop a magician from casting spells the status aliment you aim for is 'paralyze' because some spells can be triggered from motion.

But 'Fear' works as well, you target the brain and hinder their ability to think straight, in fact that's why Index's two normal techniques target the caster's thoughts.
Hmm... that's true but Index always go through monologues before casting and using any of her spells.

eg. ' Chapter 8, Verse 25. Beginning elimination of the person obstructing the remote viewing. Analyzing the structure of the enemy’s spell. ' or ' Chapter 20, Verse 6. Top priority target reset. Reanalysis of the highly dangerous element complete. '

Just confused and making sure.

Another one:
At the end of Vol 18, i want to make things clear, i read the light novel itself in japanese and took a look at BT as well--

Does Index have superhuman ability?(theorised by Touma) or did she breakthrough the asphalt with pure magic?
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