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BTW, it most definitely looks like Law's counter shock was a haki-based move. I mean, he didn't even use his sword for that technique. The guy really is insanely powerful at this point (especially considering how he took out a freaking VA before this). But personally, I'm still not entirely convinced that the yetis are down for the count just yet. I mean, I still feel there's some reason why we still haven't gotten a clear look at their faces, for one thing.....

Heh, I like how the little mask things the switched members are wearing changes their expression along with them. Though I really do wonder if Law's proposal was the reason why he switched their bodies in the first place. I mean, if that were the case, what was the point of switching Smoker and Tashigi? Just sh*ts n' giggles?

Anyhow, I hope that CC has some more strong guardians on standby, because despite me still standing by what I said in the first paragraph, I'm still a little disappointed that the cool bros. were beaten rather quickly. Especially after the hype they had these last few chapters. Maybe Monet will prove to be a rather formidable foe, especially since she seems to be the type of person to research her enemies......
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