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I found it interesting that the gas bullets the Yeti bros used to take out Zoro, Brook and Nami basically kill by alcohol poisoning (unless the translation is way off ). Zoro and Nami can hold their liquor very well (as evidenced on Whiskey Peak), and Brook is all bones (yohohoho! ), so it's possible that they survived for that reason...

BTW, it most definitely looks like Law's counter shock was a haki-based move. I mean, he didn't even use his sword for that technique. The guy really is insanely powerful at this point (especially considering how he took out a freaking VA before this). But personally, I'm still not entirely convinced that the yetis are down for the count just yet. I mean, I still feel there's some reason why we still haven't gotten a clear look at their faces, for one thing.....
That's definitely a possibility, but why the crackling sound and the weird visual effect, did he crack his bones? But yeah, Law could have a very strong CoA, which would make him very strong even without his DF...
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