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Few thoughts after reading:

Law's attack looked more like he was using a Defibrillator rather than Haki, which would actually match well with the Ope Ope no Mi...mind you, we don't know it's full potential yet.

Anyone notice how one of the cool brothers is wearing a gas mask and the other isn't? Scotch (with the gas mask) is probably the one that uses the gas so he might still do it while they think he's KO.
I don't think they are out yet.

Luffy's new "Thank you Fire" had me laughing the whole time just from the name...but it does look like he's getting smarter.

Is Law possibly looking for an ancient Pluto?

Ok so if Law's target is indeed Big Mam, then it would be really too bad if Luffy refused it out of some sort of pride.
If it is Kaidou then the SH would end up with 2 Emperors on their ass.
If it is Shanks then we all know how quick Luffy will refuse.
Doubt it would be BB so soon.
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