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Yes indeed ... watched the first three BD specials of SS plus yesterday. They were all nice, of course, but to be honest I especially liked the Rihoko special.
I might give Rihoko special episode a try... I always disliked her, Sae and Haruka episodes. They just don't connect with me, when I see all 3 of them with Junichi.

Now. Regarding the other 2 episodes. I didn't care much for Tsukasa special, its like a extra segment from the 2nd season, but I can't say the same for Ai episode. Its very cute when they're together. Ai was one "tough cookie", before she gotten together with Junichi. Now she all mushy and very dependent towards Junichi. Which I don't mind, it really shows how "love" can change a person.

Are we gonna get a "Kaoru special"? She my favorite (equal or better than Ai.. I can't choose!).
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