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Originally Posted by Endless Twilight View Post
If that's the case, then clearly they made a poor estimation, didn't they? Because Saber and Berserker's story couldn't be anywhere near "done", not properly anyway, in 25 episodes. Which is why they, you know, cut it.
Well, the ACTUAL episode probably will be longer and the whole Lancelot stuff in, they just skipped it in TV Edit, so the estimation is still done right and can be done even with Rin episode.

You know, retail version will be always more important and there is a tv timeslot they have to obey. The same happened with episode 11, and they fixed it later (even re-broadcasting it full edition in a season 1 marathon some weeks after).

Originally Posted by dark998 View Post
Disappointing episode and battle conclusions, I guess ufotable ran out of budget after last week's stellar performance. Oh well.
Battle conclusions (with the only stuff left out being Berserker motivation and last words) were the same in the original material so...
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