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Honestly if it was simply the monologue and speech that was cut out (Things I've heard cut out since I haven't read the LN), it wouldn't have bothered me so much, but the editing here was simply not good.

We transitioned from the fight scene of kiritsugu and kirie to Saber all of sudden stabbing berserker, without any build up or the like to the event. The last time we saw Saber on screen she was struggling massively emotionally and was being pushed to the brink and getting knocked around. HOW THE HELL DID WE GET HERE?

Also suddenly we saw Kariya was all of a sudden just dead and falls over, no final thoughts or parting words. Ryousuke got a better send off than he did, and he's been a much more major character! I mean c'mon now.

This simply does not serve. I don't know how Ufotable could've paced this series better in the end (It is hard to fit it into TV), but the TV series is not the full experience and I think anyone who is going to relegate themselves to just the TV series is most likely going to miss out if they don't check out the finished product.

It's still disappointing that the loli rin episode did in fact affect this show in the end because I would've gladly cut 10 minutes from that for this episode.
Yeeep, pretty much this. I mean, I'm an anime only viewer, and because of FSN I knew Berserker would be the loser, but seriously, Holy abrupt finish Batman! Suddenly Saber's sword had pierced Lance's gut and I'm thinking "Whoa, that was sure quick! Wasn't she just struggling to even fend him off? Ah well, guess the fight's over now, time for Lancelot's backstory and some explanations--oh, no? We're not doing that? Ok. Guess It'll be on the BD."

So that was the big disappointment of this episode

As for Saber, poor girl. Not to sound sadistic as Gilgamesh, but I found myself understanding what he said. In a way, Saber really is beautiful in despair. Or maybe it was just the amazing job her seiyu was doing with her screams and pleas to Kiritsugu to stop at the end. It's unfortunate, she has zero idea about any of his personality or motivations which we all now know thoroughly. I can't imagine how terrified she must have felt at those commands.
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