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There's literally hundreds of different ways they could go about making use of those extra 10 minutes throughout the remainder of the series. (...) I am thinking. And I'm seeing hundreds of different possibilities. Clearly you're not, though, if all you can see is this invariably negative turnout that can never hope to match the infallible ufotable's impeccable planning.
To be honest (long post is long and I just woke up so) I'm not sure if you are just hating on Rin getting a full episode and think the show would automatically be better have they not done it but what you say is just true for the whole show regardless: ufotable failed at planning this show for the TV format. (I have not read the novel.)

I'd argue the Rin episode was actually one which fitted the TV format. It wasn't jumping between 5 parties ruining the pacing of every other scene, it had structure and presented a satisfying little story for the week.

Now the last few episodes of the show: constantly jumping between different expositions and fights. When Rider charges for Gil it cuts to Saber talking. When Berserker is charging for Saber it cuts to Gil talking while Rider is still running towards him. Same for the figths in 24. Extended episodes will not make it any better to me! Shonen fightan, etc.

Here's my simple suggestion: WHY NOT make the last 3 episodes happen at the same time? Have one episode for all the buildup and fighting of Rider and Gil, then all the buildup and fightan for Saber and Lancelot and all the buildup and fighting for Kirei and Kotomine. End them all at the same spot with the Grail - revealing only seconds more of the scene every week.

This is what the TV format is good for! It's easy to do and you only need to give the viewer a clue that it's happening at the same time as the last episode - you don't need to have a stupid rewind effect like in Shiki. It may be annoying for the "story" to be stuck at the same point in time for 3 weeks but it would not be Endless 8 and each week we would be presented with "complete" events rather than a Soap where after 10 episodes they are still pouring that same fucking tea (which is what ufotable is doing in my opinion).

I've been saying it for the last 16 or so episodes: the pacing sucks, ufotable failed at planning this show for the TV format. The show is just not good.

PS. Why am I still watching the show? Cause I'm a fool falling for the "it gets better in the last volume" hype and a Kajiura fan still hoping to be surprised. Bitchslapping myself on both accounts.
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