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Originally Posted by Horse View Post
#1 Where the hell did I say a fight should take a whole episode?
#2 I don't know what you're getting at. In my eyes those were very different cases. For example: the 3 fights in the last episodes are completely seperate while Lancer takes part in both Saber vs Caster and Kiritsugu vs Keyneth (sp?).
Originally Posted by Horse View Post
Here's my simple suggestion: WHY NOT make the last 3 episodes happen at the same time? Have one episode for all the buildup and fighting of Rider and Gil, then all the buildup and fightan for Saber and Lancelot and all the buildup and fighting for Kirei and Kotomine. End them all at the same spot with the Grail - revealing only seconds more of the scene every week.
You want all the building up and fighting for Rider vs Gil in one episode, all the build up and fighting for Kiri vs Kotomine in another episode, and all the build-up and fighting for Lancelot vs Saber in another episode. If that's not what you're talking about, then I honestly have no clue what you're getting at.

Originally Posted by Horse View Post
Once again - good for you.
Obviously my opinion means squat for the sales - the majority loves the show and I don't understand why.
Well, you did wonder how anyone could be enjoying the show, after all, so it seems strange for you to dismiss the answer.
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