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really a master piece, perfect this episode...

i'm the only who see maybe the girl who was made the love letter really can be nibutani,if u take a close look the her face when talk to him near end and her answer to him "WHAT COLD YOU DO EVEN IF I DID IT"(too much suspect if translate is right) while talking with ishiki is somethingh like if not was her maybe she know who was, another clue was wen kumin appear and showed interesting in ishiki and him brushed to kumin she get "embarassed"(maybe few jealous).
Come on, Nibutani was laughing her ass off when she saw ishiki's shaved head. There was no way that letter was hers.

This episode showed us another reason why Yuuta badly wanted to quit being a chuuni. He was ridiculed and tricked a lot because of it.

He said something about a boy pretending to be a girl and sending a love letter to him or a boy-girl teaming up on him.

Maybe he got over Nibutani so quickly because she did the same thing to him in order to get Mabinogion.
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